a flame to bring to light
the discontent
behind smooth propaganda and
protesters' rants
"the Olympic flame
en route to the 2008 Beijing games"
ignites a pyre

of zero
"a fixed point
reference for the geometry
of the surrounding space.

Londons around the world are burning.

"China is determined to hold
a successful Olympic Games" really,
just how seriosly? will
any more get killed
for their symbolic sport?
"The Olympic torch
is a symbol
of peace, and given what has happened
the last few weeks
they should be
challenged." Matt Whitticase, of
the Free Tibet Campaign, said. Others
merely feel "uneasy"

in these darkening days
of jittery spring.


"and one of Hungary's wealthiest
people, Széles Gábor
has publicly defended journalist Bayer Zsolt"
Bayer who wrote last Wednesday “they are our
reason-Jews, meaning their bare existence is a reason
for anti-semitism”. Magyar Hírlap lost a lot of face
on that one, and some subscribers too.

these intolerance-sparked sad debates
could bring to light the ethical way to burn
the generous sponsors of our discontent.



"Our rock stars are ricotta
lucid righteous Greenhorn hippies say,
they seem to lack
reluctance, resignation and
The journalist is tactful, almost
respectful. To leave behind whatever,
is all our dream, till the day
without escape arrives
to our arrest.

As protesters throw biofarmed potato
at the Gene Bank labcoats who
posess "the power to take DNA samples from anyone
over the age of 10 who is
" seeking out
those who are preprogrammed,
potentially paranoid, "We have to find
who are possibly going to be
the biggest threat to society,"

weeding out the antisocial rabble
from this our Garden, "to thy fair
flower add the rank
smell of weeds
" before its blossom, for Control
over all of creation, from procreation
to recreation, prescribing
appropriate content for an already
discontentfully entangled nightmare
of stigma. Targeting young people, top priority.

Censorship, prohibition, the usual sterile shit
For our children's developmental benefit.


So you want to be a farmer? Leave behind
the game of game certificates, just go
and till unmonitored soil? Is that so
Cultivating sandpit oases
to feed the spinning windmills of your mind
in half forgotten dream far out beyond
the confused politics of food,
following studied roots
down, diving
into attitude,
into good



so let this be a lesson from out the Smith&Wesson
school of death in self defense & goin on to plead the Second,
semi-automatic culture plucking legal offal like a vulture,
those individual rights are up for a constitutional rupture

1968 40 years on it's still going strong set out to prolong
as more doomed generations are told nothing's even wrong
so lax the gun control laws, support your local warlords
self-righteous men setting precedent, forget about "never again"
this killing in self defence is a menacing pestilence
backed up by dense sentiments from that dunce of a president

world policing militants disregarding all the evidence
murdering masses from Black Panthers to Kenya's last elephants
in Congo, the Sudan and Chad, the heads are to be had,
it's an attitude fad, never mind looking far away as Baghdad
"You want heroin there's tons of that, guns and crack
but who's got the funds and cash

the same people who supply guns to Iraq"

upholding old corrupt ways bringing on the next phase,
with pretense and lies like firearms weren't threatening innocent lives,
schoolkids ganging up into killing tribes to the hardest vibes
acting out console shooter games for fame in the latest craze
while deadly media feed us bodycounts like it was trivia
our daily tragedies a disease nobody foresees,
you didn't did ya?




"it's turned into the
most fun thing,"
all the world a pub-
and all the men and
merely players

performing rites
for their slowly
dissolving rights
in a festival of farewell, one last
get up,
stand up,

light up
and smoke
pours through a loop-
hole in legal Minnesota

"The law was
enacted to protect Minnesotans from
the serious
effects of secondhand smoke,"
what a

turning the ban
into stageplay

and you
who live by the
book, surely you
don't want to
up in a morgue, deceased, the
a gray smoke riddled
as contracted in
bars. never
a drink, officers
the smoke it
the sole
cause of death.

fight till your last
against the bar
bum crowd
close down these
covert theatres
and fine them. they
have no moral
make them pay!


imagine what
would happen if these
started enjoying
their resistance, with
nobody to tell them
what to do
without looking
completely ridiculous.

if health officials
a sense of humor.



as you soared over the
babassu trees in the
publicity stunt flight,
strapped in the pilot seat, did you
squeal into your
headset Winnie?

- "things don't change
we'll see a lot of farmers going out
of business" - and
- bring me some feed,
Winnie to Whitehall
this is Winnie to Whitehall
over -

alone up there, on the
biofuel Ark,
- Richard B? Dr Parr?
hello, my Bacon MP? -
everybody on board the big
industry spiraling, downspiraling
a vapor trail over
rising food prices,
and far

British Pig Executive
laments the price of pork while
"those hit hardest by
the soaring" are left
in the pouring grain
and yet more meat gets butchered on demand
in Mexico City, Argentina, Malaysia,

on tight supplies, the
mechanical grindstone millstones
roar out billions of gallons to biofuel that
ethanol choir of angels,

or is it Engels
as cited in USA
over -

"a mandate that
would make Stalin blush," Scott Faber, vice
president of federal affairs for the
Grocery Manufacturers Association,
commenting the
energy bill


the babassu tree yields cosmetic
products for pigskincare,
glistening where
never a wrinkle cut
angelic pilot hog
on your unblushing
pink Winnie trotters
pulling the yoke as
you march us toward
this brave new March
when pigs