a flame to bring to light
the discontent
behind smooth propaganda and
protesters' rants
"the Olympic flame
en route to the 2008 Beijing games"
ignites a pyre

of zero
"a fixed point
reference for the geometry
of the surrounding space.

Londons around the world are burning.

"China is determined to hold
a successful Olympic Games" really,
just how seriosly? will
any more get killed
for their symbolic sport?
"The Olympic torch
is a symbol
of peace, and given what has happened
the last few weeks
they should be
challenged." Matt Whitticase, of
the Free Tibet Campaign, said. Others
merely feel "uneasy"

in these darkening days
of jittery spring.


"and one of Hungary's wealthiest
people, Széles Gábor
has publicly defended journalist Bayer Zsolt"
Bayer who wrote last Wednesday “they are our
reason-Jews, meaning their bare existence is a reason
for anti-semitism”. Magyar Hírlap lost a lot of face
on that one, and some subscribers too.

these intolerance-sparked sad debates
could bring to light the ethical way to burn
the generous sponsors of our discontent.