holy mountain

plagued by humanoids of all forms, moving mountains

of people, mountain yeti people

ascending from the deepest

the darkest Africas of prehistory, the origin

to where James Watson relapses 16%

skidiving down his own unfortunately worded system of intelligence

breathing thin air up on the cold peak where,

beyond the slippery slopes to eugenics, pseudoscience

and cryptozoology

an advanced lifeform will bear to progress

the torch to light

where no olympicon has tread,

a brilliant beam, where white pack snowcap stands luminous

for pilgrims, a beacon

where shining snow and holy inspiration

are close to both earth and sky,

where signal strength was weak, but now

the highest transmitting station’s tuned in

for mobile operations,

and where only twice Rod Barber said, You won’t believe

where I’m calling from


mankind evolves to bear technology

the crown of all creation in ascent

by opposable rule of thumb, and mobile phones

follow right on to wherever people had went




fragile why-chromosomes still have a hard

time deciding to turn out a man rolling

a mortal stone coil uphill body burdened

to top the food chain feeling the heat

sizzle from womb to tomb becoming what

you eat in the eye of a saline chemical storm

pushing artifice to fertilize the lush Vietnamese

jungles and manufacture alkaline maternal stress

like imagine Italy ABR or RGB zoning out on

burgers and fries ingested round nineteen-seventynine

would that parental action of substance be how

your red meat conceives by retcon design and

environmental circumstance combined,

now alien substance breeds in my tooth,

as death does inside my heartbeating

quickened tetrachlorodibenzoparadioxin

circulating a steady Agent Orange flow

navigating a hostile acidic Love Canal

to masculinize in face of chemical onslaught

ogle future exes dressed in sexy protectives

weasel a way through industrial safety regulations

set „to increase the number of females and to eliminate

the weakest males” the déja vu directive won't digest

en route to Lombardy déja revisité.