sweet in black and white the oriental

chocolate nation butterfly battalions

ten million strong the honmei choco amorous

wingbeating powdertinted pant progressing

to view the cherry blossom front

survey sakura zensen all

along the parks the shrines and temples

parading as the flowerstalks stalk and stall

stealing guerilla garden pots into this lovers’ paradise

where every day is Valentine’s


wrapped carefully in silk

the paper birds

crackle in the wind

the women creaseless suppin

look on them look

hanami look into

the flower: cherry, lotus, plum.

a spring onslaught of Eastern flowers, each

chocolate-scented blossom torn between

the giri and the honmei, the form

and emotion,

from Valentine’s Yin Cycle


till White Day and Yang




they would by Mao’s State of Grace

have kissed Kissinger crumbling

into invading feminine flood disaster

„giving birth to too many

children,” giving and giving

all living „blossoming places in this

most densely populated area.”

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