so let this be a lesson from out the Smith&Wesson
school of death in self defense & goin on to plead the Second,
semi-automatic culture plucking legal offal like a vulture,
those individual rights are up for a constitutional rupture

1968 40 years on it's still going strong set out to prolong
as more doomed generations are told nothing's even wrong
so lax the gun control laws, support your local warlords
self-righteous men setting precedent, forget about "never again"
this killing in self defence is a menacing pestilence
backed up by dense sentiments from that dunce of a president

world policing militants disregarding all the evidence
murdering masses from Black Panthers to Kenya's last elephants
in Congo, the Sudan and Chad, the heads are to be had,
it's an attitude fad, never mind looking far away as Baghdad
"You want heroin there's tons of that, guns and crack
but who's got the funds and cash

the same people who supply guns to Iraq"

upholding old corrupt ways bringing on the next phase,
with pretense and lies like firearms weren't threatening innocent lives,
schoolkids ganging up into killing tribes to the hardest vibes
acting out console shooter games for fame in the latest craze
while deadly media feed us bodycounts like it was trivia
our daily tragedies a disease nobody foresees,
you didn't did ya?

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Crafty Green Poet said...

I like all the links in your poems. Good hip hop style here