Control Room

- look, this one's a lion!
- what does it do?
- what do you mean? it's a lion!
- does it do tricks?
- yeah!
- well, make it do a trick.
- well, I... can't.
- you said it's your lion.
- I... it is my lion!
- make it do something cool. look, it's just sitting there.
- but it's a lion! my lion.
- big deal. you can't control it.
- well, you're not supposed to... I mean it's a lion, man!
- look, if I had a lion, I could make it do anything.
- you... instruct your lion?
- yeah. take electrodes, stick 'em to its toes,
- but...
- and one behind each ear,
- but but...
- listen: it's all wired in to this membrane.
- yeah well, that's kinda neat.
- when I talk, the signal stimulates my lion,
- so you shock it?
- just listen, it rears, and it roars, and swats at its nose,
- well it looks angry...
- I check its levels here, turn this dial, there, you see,
- how do you tell it to...
- so I can make it do stuff! I command it to do tricks.
- so... when do you just appreciate your lion?
- what? hey careful, that's a commutator switch!
- can't you just dig the lion, like love it?
- man, you still have a long way to go, y'know?

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