my dear, your years have just started to show,
chemotherapy draws a heavy toll.
cancer devours your vitals, acute and to the quick,
but you'll survive and thrive,
if it takes all the time in the world.


they say the world is dying now, we'll see it die in our lifetime,
scholars and callers post the headline news,
and statesmen wait to see how they could use
their adversaries' weakness. all in all,
the media has a field day harvesting the fall,
a second nature to the times, ending of the world at nine.

more and more information surfaces from our
acidizing ocean,
and for the most part, I feel like I've already seen most of these before:
greenhouse gas, plankton, desertification, drought, flood, famine, war,
starvation, poverty, in neatly researched notation. why even keep track
of numbers as they swirl and change, you never had to really rack
your brain to see where this is heading in a general kind of notion.

we're wiping the slate clean of ourselves, and
insustainable LCD screen audiences, it will blank.
those who survive can live to change their ways.
the prophet says it's over in a helpless generation,
no revolution could match aquamarine revelation:
it's past the time to return to the roots, they've turned away.

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