Kathimerini English Edition,

Greece's International

English Language Newspaper online at

www.ekathimerini.com wrote about a tragic double suicide. two lovers

swallowed a lethal pesticide

called Lammate, the girl is seventeen

only, and still alive in critical condition,

so she wanted to marry this greek boy, oh

I wonder what his name is,

he is dead. she in a coma. Ierapetra saw this all in Crete,

comatose bride of the Lybian Sea perhaps still

breathing, as her beloved second cousin marks the death toll,

he was twentyfour, so they only needed permission

from the families,

to what tragic end were they denied?


I wrote an email to rectify the article as it appeared

online in Hungarian: Lammate

was referred to by index.hu as scene of this, their Romeo and Juliet attempt,



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mattro said...

Quite off, but I decided to comment long ago and I just forgot that world-saviour thought I had. So here it is, my recommendation; not even literature but a "nice" shinju-adaptation on film: Kitano's debut as an extra and Koji Wakamatsu's ("the Japanese Godard", pfhh..:) best known pink trash; Go Go Second Time Virgin (1969). Check it if you can, it runs around an hour and it's not so "politic" (?) as the director's other films. A nice review in Hungarian here: http://chromatophobia.freeblog.hu/archives/2007/02/10/Koji_Wakamatsu_Go_Go_Second_Time_Virgin_Yuke_yuke_nidome_no_shojo_1969_12/