When I was in Sweden, and one of the dailies
carried a picture, front cover perhaps, of a stag
that died in an empty home's ground floor livingroom where it crashed
through the blind Arcadia door it shattered and bled
out final fatal hours rerendering interior design to raging red.


Today, a high school in Tuusula is ravaged by a young man with
a gun, age 18 with a bullet,
and as reports keep coming in, none of them seem quite certain
of how many are killed, shot, wounded, dead
or alive, police have the building surrounded, reportedly.
He took no hostages, kept on shooting, now at the cops, hundreds
are in there, though the exact count varies,
one dead on yahoo!, three hurt on BBC, three dead on CNN, and
one account at least of students jumping from the windows to escape,
sustaining minor injuries from shattered glass.

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