Chinese government suspended export, understandably,
though Bindeez was a raving party game.
officials on chemical quality control, officials on
date-rape party drug, officials
lab-coated in 1,4-butaneidol, officials are not available for comment
officials pretty blurred are not available for a total product recall
officials are presumably still testing the toy.

little toy factories line the coast
tiny conveyor belts powered by solar cells

executives try not to step on them

but one or some crunch under Gucci soles

- from Archipelago, home-grown long ago,
coinciding now with some reality
my own acid techno nightmare fantasy

metabolized as gamma hydroxy butyrate
Liquid Ex in Aqua Dots
anaesthetic beads of sweat for age four and above
with the most fucked up built-in obsolescence
in small parts, do not swallow.


a xenophobic element emerges:
Chinese product recalled in USA, Britain and Australia,
not that chemical substances could know any borders,
health care policies or industrial regulation standards:
drugs, they're just kids.

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